PROJECT5 : Construction of Roads & Infrastructure at Um Alhoul Qatar Economic Zone (QEZ03) phase 2.2

Client            :     MANATEQ 

Consultant :     EGIS International

1.Supply and Laying of Subgrade and Subbase Material

2.Supply and Installation of Curb stones including concrete support

3.Supply and Laying of Prime Coat and Base Course – Class B

4.Supply and Laying of Tack Coat and Wearing Course – PMB

5.SupplyInstallation of QNBN Telecom & UGN Ducts,

6.Excavation and Formation for QNBN Lines

7.Bedding, Supply and Laying of QNBN Lines, Surrounding, Supply and Installation of Waring Tapes and Backfilling & Compaction Works

8.Installation and Connection of JRC14 Manholes including the Extension of JRC Manhole Walls

9.Testing Works for QNBN Lines for Concerned Authority Approval.